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Membership Video Courses

The Bronze Membership Level teaches you how to build organic a 4′ x 8′  gardens with a watering grid to cover in-ground garden beds.  It provides detailed instructions on exactly what you need to purchase and how to put them it together. You will also gain access to all our organic video content that we’ve developed as well as PDF guides to healthy recipes.

Bronze Membership Level also grants you access to our Simple Hydroponics video course, along with the gardening course.  The Simple Hydroponics video course will demonstrates one of the easiest grow methods to learn. It only requires a grow tray or household container, a package of Hydroponic nutrients, a few Hydroponic supplies and good lighting.  This video course is perfect for a beginner as it walks step-by-step through the process of building a Kratky Grow garden, utilizing Hydroponically nutrient enriched water, Hydroton clay pebbles with Rockwool cubes, Netpots, Floating Rafts, and a Microgreens Hydroponics grow tray.  You can use Kratky Hydroponics to grow almost any small plant or tray of microgreens.  

Sliver Membership Level grants you access to all Organic Gardening and Hydroponic courses. In the Advanced Hydroponics Video Course, you’ll learn how to build a number of complicated Hydroponic systems that either grow with aeration or utilize an ebb and flow type of Hydroponics. In this video course, you’ll learn how to build a Deep Water Culture system based upon a special aeration grid design that we created, a Low Pressure Aeroponics grow system utilizing sprayers, and a Hydroponics Grow Tower with 12-Inch Mr. Stacky Planters.

 This Gold and Platinum Membership Level grants you access to ALL content on our website, including this Aquaponics video course. In this course, I will walk through each step of building an aquaponics system like the one I created for our greenhouse.  I will provide you with a list of materials to purchase and show you how to assemble each section of the system.  In the first two modules, I will demonstrate how to create a watering line system to attach to an upper shelve system to water the lower plant trays and return the water back to the fish tanks, and in the third module, I will show you how to make a hybrid version of DWC Hydroponics on the upper shelf, to be able to funnel fish water into your DWC to serve as a base of nutrients for your Hydroponic bins which you will adjust with additional nutrients to grow specialized large crop plants.