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How to Lose Weight through Healthy Nutrition

With obesity rates on the rise in America, efforts to find solutions to the resulting health problems caused from being overweight has driven many Americans to seek the advice of dietitians and nutritionists.  While large pharmaceutical companies have increasingly overtaken the health industry, pushing their genetically engineered drugs to the traditional medical community, the approach of alternative medicine is to deal with the rising health crisis holistically, rather than focus on the mere management of symptoms.

Through the use of nutritional supplements and diet regulations, holistic practitioners seek to address the root causes of disease in the human body; thus restoring the nutritional balance needed for the body to be able to heal itself.  The natural healing plant remedies utilized in these supplements and diet plans presented on our website are often patterned after the nutritional knowledge practiced in ancient Chinese medicine and Native American traditional healing methods.  As such, the statements made by the manufacturers of these alternative supplements and diet plans discussed on our website have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be taken as expert medical advice.  If you have a serious illness, or have questions about your health or your medical history, we strongly suggest that you seek the medical advice of a licensed practitioner before following any of the ideas presented on our website or taking any of the supplements discussed on our website.


Perfect Picnic: Delicious Meals and Finger Foods for an Afternoon Outdoors

As the weather warms up, there’s nothing quite like spending a sunny afternoon outdoors, enjoying a delightful picnic. Planning a picnic involves more than just grabbing a blanket and heading to the park. It’s about crafting a menu that’s delicious, easy to transport, and simple to eat without extensive utensils. Here are some ideas for meals and side finger foods that will make your picnic memorable, along with a list of essential kitchen utensils to ensure your outing is a success.

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Easy Pescatarian Recipes for Beginners

Easy Pecatarian Recipes for Beginners

Pescatarian recipes are vegetarian meals with the added seafood component of fish.  While a vegetarian diet focuses primarily on plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, they and often include dairy products and eggs that do not involve the physical harming of an animal to create. Another component to ensuring a healthy diet for vegetarians or pescatarians is to add a mineral supplement to your diet for essential .

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Three Lettuce Smoothie Recipes

3 Lettuce Smoothie Recipes


Home grown hydroponic lettuce can be a great way to add nutrition to your meals. Not only can you use it in smoothies, but you can use lettuce in a variety of meals and side dishes.

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Green Smoothies - Questions and Answers

How would you like to drink your way to a slim, energetic and youthful life?

Here's how you do it with green smoothies:

But before you embark on your green smoothie journey, it will be good for you to know the answers to these 5 most common questions:

1. How much green smoothie do you recommend I drink daily?

In the beginning, people tend to drink more green smoothies, sometimes up to two gallons per day depending on how acidic their body pH is.  After several months, the quantity goes down to 1-2 quarts per day.

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Zucchini Meals - 10 Ways to Fix Zucchini

10 Ways to Fix Zucchini Squash

If you're like me, zucchini is one of our family favorites to grow and prepare in meals, but sometimes you need a few extra ideas on what to prepare with this prolific squash.  If you're in that spot, maybe this video will give you a few ideas you can put to use the next time you have a harvest of zucchini growing faster than you can keep up with it.

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The Health Benefits of Zucchini

Zucchini is one of the easiest plants to grow in home gardens. With its impressive fruit growth and nutritious content, zucchini is easy to add to any healthy diet. Some of the nutrition facts that can improve your health through regular consumption of zucchini include the following list of zucchini benefits:

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Zucchini Spaghetti Boat Recipe

Making Zucchini Spaghetti Boats


Creative zucchini recipes can go a long way toward increasing the health and nutrition your body receives from your meals.  Simply replacing pasta with zucchini in a spaghetti recipe can provide a good way to get the recommended daily allowance of vegetables into your body. To make this simple Zucchini Boat Spaghetti Recipe follow these instructions:

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Health Benefits of Potatoes - How to make Nutritious Potato Fries

Healthy Potato Fries - Nutrition Benefits of Potatoes


Do you know the health benefits of potatoes? Baking potatoes in this manner will help to preserve the antioxidant, nutritional value of your home grown garden potatoes, while you and your family enjoy a delicious treat. Learn how to make Healthy Potato Fries by following this simple recipe:

  1. Slice 4 to 5 Medium Potatoes into Strips or Wedges for Fries
  2. Beat 1 egg white per potato in a bowel
  3. Spread potatoes with egg white batter
  4. Sprinkle with Salt, Garlic, and a light spray of Olive Oil
  5. Place on heavily greased baking sheet

Bake at 425 Degrees for 20 minutes. Then flip the fries over in the pan, spray with olive oil, salt and butter, and then bake for another 10-20 minutes until soft and golden brown.

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Lose Weight - High Protein Low Carb Diet


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One of the best ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy balance of cholesterol in your body is to increase your protein and fiber intake and lower the amount of carbohydrates you ingest in your meals. While it is not recommended that you completely eradicates carbohydrates from your diet as your body needs a certain level of carbohydrates to function properly, your goal is to balance those carbohydrates with healthy fiber and essential fatty acids like omega 3's.  This can be done by replacing high processed flours with gluten free whole grain alternatives and coconut oil.  These elements, complete with a nutritional balance of vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables, can make for a well-balanced meal to jump start your day.

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