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Renewable Energy Solutions

What is Renewable Energy and Off-Grid Living? 

Renewable Energy (also called Alternative Energy) is the process of harvesting and utilizing power from natural resources that are self-sustaining and easily replenished by the sun, wind, water, geothermal heat or biomass fuels as opposed to utilizing the traditional fossil fuels that are exhaustible and tend to negatively impact the environment over time.

Off-the-Grid Living is a term that typically refers to a living arrangement that is self-sufficient in that it does not rely upon one or more public services or utilities and is self-sustaining and independent in itself. While many counties have zoning laws that prohibit complete off-grid living by requiring electrical, water or city sewer hook-ups to residences, and restricting long-term camping on vacant lots, there are many camping products and solar powered devices that can contribute to a small scale off-grid experience that can be utilized on vacations and backpacking trips, in both indoor and outdoor gardens, or during a natural disaster when public utilities may become disabled for a time.  The following videos feature some of our favorite disaster preparedness products we utilize both in our emergency survival kits as well as in everyday life.


Rain Water Collection System

Rainwater Harvesting QA - Cost, Is it Illegal? How I Treat It?


Here's a water collection system that utilizes all rainwater to supply all of the water needs this family has, both growing gardens and supplying drinking water in the  house.  If you live in a state where it is legal to collect rainwater, this can be a great off-grid solution for your water needs.


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Air to Water Off-Grid System

Off-Grid Water With Air and Sunlight


How would you like to design an off-grid water system that can run when you do not have access to clean drinking water? Regardless of whether your water is cut-off by an emergency or you are setting this up in a truly-off grid area, this is one way you can provide clean drinking water to your family. This equipment is truly a remarkable way to ensure your family always have the clean drinking water you need to survive.

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Solar Lighting - LuminAID Solar Powered Lanterns


Every Survival Kit needs a good emergency light. Whether you are hiking, camping or simply enjoying a day in the backwoods, LuminAid solar lanterns can provide emergency lighting, and a backup  power source for your cell phone or other small portable devices, if you purchase the upgraded models. 

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GoSun Solar Oven - Winter Cooking


What are solar ovens and how do you use them to prepare simple food recipes for off-grid camping or disasters? Solar ovens are portable devices that are insulated with reflective material designed  to harvest the light and heat produced by the sun to bake and cook food.  Since solar ovens are powered completely by the sun, their performance is directly related to the quality of the sunlight provided.

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Can We Power a Solar Generator Through a Window?

Can We Power a Solar Generator Through a Window


In this video, we test the charging performance of the IForway 145wh Solar Powered AC Generator with two different solar panels, the 25w - 18v IForway panel and the 40w - 18v Kingsolar panel. Viewing the solar charging at different lighting conditions beside a window on a cloudy, stormy day, we determined that both of these panel work well for producing back-up power for our 145wh IForwary Solar AC Generator indoors during a storm.

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Water Filtration Solution for Off-Grid Survival - Sports Berkey Bottle Filter

Sports Berkey Bottles are essential equipment to have on had for any off-grid adventure.  These filters utilizes ionic adsorption micro filtration technology in order to remove pollutants such as aluminum, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, and other dangerous heavy metals from questionable water sources. It also removes chlorine from municipal water sources.

You can purchase these Sports Berkey Bottles and the Berkey Black Berry Primer used to blows water out of both the Blackberry Berkeys and Sports Berky Filters by going to the the Berkey website at:



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