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How to Build a Garden Watering System

Building a Garden Watering Grid


Garden vegetables can be fun to grow and harvest, but when drought hits your region, watering can turn into nightmare, especially if your plants are large.  Deep watering is most important with fruiting vegetables as light watering cannot penetrate the soil deep enough to saturate the roots of these vegetables.  If left to a light sprinkle once a day, your fruit will crack, form brown or yellow spots or dry up with tip rot.  All these are the signs of nutrient or water deficiency that can be prevented with a deep watering system like our Garden watering grid.  Because the watering wand separates easily from the watering grid, this system is weather and wind resistant and can be easily and quickly winterized without the  use of an air pressure tank.  You can learn how to build a Garden Watering Grid by signing up for our video course at the links below.

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