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The Safest Way to Medicate Your Fish

Starting Aquaponics - The Safest Way to Medicate Fish


An important step in setting up Aqauponics is to medicate your fish prior to adding them to your system. This video shows you how to medicate your new fish outside of your tank so that your medication doesn't clog your filters and destroy the good bacteria balance you have established in your fish tank.

It is Best to Medicate New or Sick Fish in a separate quarantine bucket rather than medicating directly in your fish tank or pond.

Medicating new or sick fish 21 days in a separate 5-gallon bucket helps to prevent the medication from clocking your tank or pond filters which could also disrupt the bacteria balance in your system.  Download the following PDF guide to learn my 21-day protocol for medicating fish outside your tank or pond.

How to Medicate Fish


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