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Yellowing Hydroponic Leaves – A Sign of Nutrient Deficiency



A sign of nutrient imbalance in your Hydroponic Grow System is when the leaves on your plants begin to turn yellow. Because Hydroponic plants are completely dependent upon the nutrients you supply, it is important to recognize the signs of nutrient deficiency quickly so that you can correct it before too much irreparable damage is done to your plants.

Nitrogen is essential for the green growth of your plants. Nitrogen deficiency is indicated by yellowing on the new leaves and stems at the base of the plants. Magnesium deficiency will cause yellowing unevenly throughout the plant. It is usually signified by yellow or wilted leaves concentrated toward the bottom of the plan and yellow or brown tips on the green leaves higher up on the plant.  Micronutrients like Zinc and Iron are responsible for supporting the tissues and stems of the plant and the creation of chlorophyll.  If either one of these elements are lacking, plant tissue will become papery and the veins will become more pronounced in the leaves.

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