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Supplements You Need to Start and Maintain Healthy Fish in Aquaponics


Setting Up Aquaponics - Supplements to Establish and Maintain Healthy Fish

A Healthy Fish Tank starts with maintaining the proper balance of bacteria that converts Ammonia into Nitrite and Nitrates which supply the nutrients needed for the growth of your Aquaponic plants. Until your aquarium filters and/or grow beds have established enough bacteria to keep up with the production of Ammonia produced by Fish waste, toxic Ammonia and Nitrite spikes in your tank can occur leading to sudden fish death.

Water temperature, filter or grow bed capacity and the number of plants growing your system, all play a part in maintaining the delicate balance of Ammonia conversion to Nitrites and Nitrates. While a standard aquarium relies on a variety of filtration devices like Bioballs and Micromedia (to provide grow surfaces for tank bacteria) and Activated Carbon filters which remove toxic substance from water, Aquaponic systems often rely completely upon Biofiltration, either through the continuous flow of Fish water through Hydroton (Clay Pellet) Grow plant trays and/or Aquarium Sponge Filters. As changes in the number and size of plants growing in an aquaponic system can drastically affect the water quality of your Aquaponic fish tank, we have found that a few supplemental products are necessary in starting a new aquaponic fish tank and maintaining the overall health of fish in your tank.

Recommended Products:

  • Prime by Seachem
  • Stability by Seachem
  • Stress Coat by API
  • Paraguard by Seachem
  • Ammo-Lock by API


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