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Selecting Fish for Aquaponics


Many factors go into choosing the best fresh water fish for your aquaponic plant grow system.  In addition to matching up the nutrient and PH needs of your plants with the type of fish you are considering, water temperature and size of your aquarium or pond are significant issues to consider as well. In smaller outdoor aquaponic plant grow systems where water temperatures may fluctuate due to hash winters, pet common goldfish may present the best option as they have a large tolerance for PH fluctuations, functioning best at the 7.2 - 7.6 which is compatible with most green leafy vegetable needs, and growing the best in water temperatures between 50-75°F, while being able to hibernate for the winter in 35-40°F degree ponds.

A General Rule you should calculate the tank size need for one fish is 1 Gallon per 1 inch of fish.  This means that if your fish could grow to 10 inches in size, you should keep them in a minimum of 10-gallons per fish.  You also should double the size tank for the first fish and then add the required gallons for each additional fish. The following is a list of fish that do well in Aquaponics along with their optimum requirements and minimum tank size for each fish: 

  • Betta - Minimum Tank Size 3-Gallons - PH 6.8-7.0 / Temperature 75-80°F
  • Tetras, Guppies, Danios - Minimum Tank Size 10-Gallons - PH 6.8-7.8 / Temperature 75-80°F
  • Goldfish - Minimum Tank Size 20-Gallons - PH 6.2-7.6 / Temperature 50-75°F
  • Angelfish - Minimum Tank Size 30-Gallons - PH 6.5-7.5 / Temperature 76-82°F
  • Sunfish, Blue Gill, Perch - Minimum Tank Size 120-Gallons - PH 6.5-8.5 / Temperature 60-80°F
  • Tilapia - Minimum Tank Size 120-Gallons - PH 7.0-8.0 / Temperature 72-85º F
  • Koi - Minimum Tank Size 150-300 Gallons (Depends upon which beed) - PH 7.0-8.0 / Temperature 59–77 °F


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